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  • No smoking whatsoever is allowed in the studio. Projects involved with smoke must get studio representatives consent in advance.


  • Music/voices are to be kept at reasonable levels and not contain vulgar or offensive language (Please be courteous, we do have neighbors!)


  • No alcoholic beverages or non-prescription or illegal drugs are permitted on the property.


  • No one will be admitted who is drunk or under the influence of illegal substances, If a member of your party is found to be under the influence, you will be charged a fine and no longer permitted to rent the studio.  


  • No nude or partially nude photography is permitted in or around the studio.   Due to the high visibility of the studio from a main highway, as well legal ramifications regarding the autonomous nature of how we run our studio, we do not allow nude or partial nude photography.   Please be courteous and conservative in observing our rules.   If you are unsure, don't hesitate to reach out and ask!  -Boudoir photographers, please reach out to Tina :)


  • No pets/animals allowed without prior consent of a company representative.


  • Maximum of 10 people in renter’s party. Total 15 people max in the studio at one time.

By renting the Studio you acknowledge that you are in agreement with and will follow the studio rules. 

*The studio has security cameras for the safety of the studio, the equipment, and our renters. 




  • Rental time includes set up and break down times.  Any fractions of an hour over your time will  be billed as a whole hour.

  • Never leave the studio unlocked and unattended. You are responsible for the equipment!


  • Report damaged or missing equipment.  Things break, I understand. However, it is important that we know what is and isn't working!


  • Conserve the paper rolls. Please take care to not walk on the backdrops with street shoes or dirty feet.  


  • AA Batteries for the flash triggers are your responsibility should you plan on using the studio's lighting kit.

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